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“I have known Nkechi for over sixteen years. She is a fierce and compassionate leader. She knows that winning hearts and minds is key to achieving the policy change we want to see. She thinks strategically about how to build coalitions and campaigns.  Nkechi has built trusted relationships with a wide spectrum of stakeholders advancing criminal justice reform and civil rights. And she has built lasting infrastructure and community among those of us pushing for justice reform.”

— Vanita Gupta, President & Chief Executive Officer of the
Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights;

previously appointed by Barack Obama as the
Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General
& Acting Head of the Civil Rights Division of

the U.S. Department of Justice




"Nkechi Taifa is one of the most multi-talented and dedicated scholar/activists and policy advocates of this era. She is a brilliant people’s lawyer and an energetic and inspirational speaker. She has consistently used her extraordinary skills in service to marginalized constituencies, particularly in striving to transform the criminal justice system. Atty. Taifa is blessed with the rare ability to connect with leaders and constituencies from a broad range of circles, from community-based, grassroots organizations, to the halls of Congress to the White House in pursuit of a righteous cause. The highly influential Justice Roundtable which she established is illustrative of her ability to facilitate effective, collaborative policy-advocacy.  The impact of the Justice Roundtable in advancing progressive criminal justice policy reform is a lasting testimony of Atty. Taifa’s lifelong devotion to social justice and social change. Atty. Nkechi Taifa is an invaluable resource who has much to contribute to leaders, organizations and constituencies working to create a better nation and world."

— Dr. Ron Daniels, President,

Institute of the Black World 21st Century



Over the years, my sister, Nkechi Taifa has been a force to be reckoned with in the criminal justice arena. She is a true warrior for us, "the formerly incarcerated," and has dedicated a huge part of her life fighting for our freedom and making sure our voices are heard. She has made a significant impact, not only on my life, through her leadership, empowerment, and vision, but to countless others in the movement as well. 

— Kemba Smith, President, Kemba Smith Foundation

Author, Poster Child: The Kemba Smith Story




"There are few people in the criminal justice reform space that can navigate the complexities of policy at the national level while also maintaining and building strong relationships with grassroots leaders across the country.  Nkechi is one of those unique leaders that is able to navigate both worlds. I look forward to seeing where this next chapter takes her and how the movement will continue to benefit from her leadership.”

— Elias Alcantara, Social Justice Leader
& former White House Senior Associate Director of

Intergovernmental Affairs
under the Obama Administration

"Nkechi Taifa is a force to be reckoned with. From the moment I first heard her speak in 2004, she jolted me with her profound presence & determined spirit to fight for the justice of those most impacted by the horrors of mass incarceration. Nine years later, the universe conspired and reconnected me to Nkechi. She has since not only become my dad’s attorney, but also a mentor, a colleague, a friend and now family, as she has greatly influenced my journey as an advocate in criminal justice reform."

— Ebony Underwood 
Content Creator, Social Entrepreneur,

Founder/CEO | We Got Us Now

"Nkechi brings to her work passion, commitment, and a long-term vision of justice."

— Marc Mauer
Executive Director
The Sentencing Project



"Nkechi Taifa is a professional powerhouse.  She has extensive expertise in human and civil rights; criminal and social justice; strategic planning; and staff development and training.  She is a creative thinker and dynamic leader who finds a way to achieve her clients’ goals and objectives."


— Judge David C. Simmons
Adjunct Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law Center

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