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Nkechi Taifa, Esq

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"Atty. Taifa is blessed with the rare ability to connect with leaders and constituencies from a broad range of circles, from community-based, grassroots organizations, to the halls of Congress to the White House in pursuit of a righteous cause."

Ron Daniels

Nkechi Taifa is available to assist you in meeting your goals.  As keynote or plenary speaker, workshop facilitator, moderator, panelist, or college/university lecturer, Nkechi Taifa, in her various capacities as attorney, activist, author or educator, has the expertise and skills to empower your audience.  Nkechi Taifa's motivational speaking is captivating. Her customized, innovative and interactive presentations are accentuated by her high energy and creative style.  Her strategic consultations and expert technical assistance have optimized outcomes in academic, corporate, legal and community settings. Nkechi Taifa specializes in topics at the intersections of justice, race, legacy, and empowerment.  

Preferred Pronunciation:   Nkechi (Nah - KEE - Chee)  Taifa (Tah - EE - Fah)

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