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Why We Can’t Wait- Reparations In the United States - Human Rights Watch’s US Director @nicoleaustinhillery spoke with @nkechitaifa, Human Rights Attorney and Convener

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Nina Turner Interviews Nkechi Taifa on November 12, 2020.

Topic: Piercing Issues  & Black Power, Black Lawyer

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Marcus Garvey Presidential Pardon

Dr. Julius Garvey and others spoke about the request for a posthumous presidential pardon filed by descendants of Marcus Garvey, who was convicted of mail fraud in 1923. Dr. Garvey is the son of Marcus Garvey, who is most famous for his black nationalist philosophy advocating African Americans return to Africa in the 1910s and early 1920s.


On Democracy Now 1997 About the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade,  Taifa speaks about reparations and the history of Blacks in America.  Taifa’s segment was originally taped at a reparations conference in Atlanta, GA.


Under Siege: Police Militarization and Ethnic and Racial Dynamics - Panel I - The Issues

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